Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Madness

Polar Express Day at school

It's a cho-cho train!

All my favorite kids with Santa!
If we could only get them all to look at the same time :)

Santa is here!


Our sad snowman (but Anna was so proud!

Take that Daddy!
"Daddy, it's cold in here!"

My little pilgrim

I have been a slacker and not posted lately. Could it be because December has flown by? Or because I don't even have time to sleep lately. The Ramey sweat shop (sewing factory) has been going full speed this month and won't stop until Santa shows up early Christmas morning! Since my last post we've had Thanksgiving, taken a trip to Nashville and attended many Christmas parties. Jump on the Ramey Party Train, it will be leaving the station again real soon. However, even with all the madness, I am so grateful for the fun filled year our family has had. We have made so many new frienships, our baby girl has become a big girl and Chad and I have gotten so much closer to God and each other. I look forward to a bright new year filled with fun, laughter, friendship, a DISNEY TRIP and hopefully a new addition to our family. Enjoy some pictures from the past month!

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  1. These pictures are great!Aren't you glad we survived the holidays? :)