Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun...

Fun at the pumpkin patch. Yes, it was very hot that day and my child is in long sleeves and corduroy pants!

Mommy and Daddy, I want this one! We took it home and carved it that night and it rotted in a week :(

Halloween Dance Party!

Yellow Fairy does the Daycare Fall Festival!

Loves playing those games! Our favorite is always the Cake Walk. Johnny Ray's chocolate pie two years in a row! Daddy's favorite :)

She didn't really like the slide after she climbed all the way to the top!

The bouncy castle was a hit though!

Mimi found Uncle Jordan's old Winnie the Pooh costume so Anna decided to try it on. She looked so cute! I wish she had just worn that and saved me all the hard work on the fairy costume.

Class Party Time. These little party's are always so adorable. They all looked so cute in their matching spider handprint shirts. Thanks Ms. Kate :)

My mommy is the best and always comes to my party's.

Anna and her doggie friend Will on a wagon ride!

Anna's friend Handy Mandy

Anna and her cowgirl friend Mabes!

What great daddies we have!
The Ramey family had a fun filled October! I bet November and December will be just as exciting. We have trips planned to the Cabbage Patch Hospital and Opryland Hotel in Nashville. Got to start getting ready for Santa's arrival! This is a huge deal at our house and takes lots of planning. I wonder if it's too early to start decorating?

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